Antiques Tours and Routes

Below please find routes to all of the leading antique dealers in Ireland. These maps will guide you to the best antique dealers in the country. Click on one of the locations to take you to google maps.

All of the IADA members worldwide

The IADA has members in Ireland, Oman and Canada. This map will allow you to locate the nearest antiques expert to you.

All of the antique shops on the island of Ireland

From Belfast to Limerick, this map will help you to find the nearest IADA member to you.

Antique Jewellery Shops in Dublin City Centre

There are four IADA members in Dublin city centre who specialise in antique jewellery. This map will take you to all four.

A guide to all of Dublin’s antique shops

This will help you to find an IADA member in Dublin

Francis Street Antiques Quarter

This is a guide to all of the IADA members in Dublin’s historic antiques quarter.