Sell Antiques and Antiques Valuations

Selling an antique directly to a member of the IADA offers a safe and secure way to move an antique on to a new home, and can avoid paying auction house commissions and fees. Members of the IADA are delighted to talk to you about your antiques, and will conduct a transaction in a confidential and discreet manner. For more information, please contact a dealer who specialises in the type of antique you are selling and see if they can help. Use this page : Irish Antique Dealers to locate a specialist in the relevant field


Antiques Valuations

One of the most common enquiries we get is “What’s my antique worth?”. Unfortunately we cannot offer valuations by email through this site. The best thing to do is to use our website to find a dealer who specialises in the type of antique you are interested in selling, and to contact them directly. Members of the Irish Antique Dealers Association will provide this service at reasonable rates.

In today‚Äôs climate it is important to have a valuation of one’s possessions for many reasons. Often people just include their valuable pieces in a general household insurance policy. If a problem arises it can prove problematic to claim under these, so it is much better to have a listed valuation. Such valuations are often required on certain pieces for insurance and probate purposes. When clients are purchasing from dealers, they should request a valuation of the piece.

Personal judgement comes into a valuation, it is due to this subjectivity that opinions of individual dealers may differ. Sometimes it can prove difficult when assessing the exact value of an article, and rates of exchange may also change dramatically.

Valuations should be reviewed every three to five years, or more often if your insurance requires it.