Egyptian Revival Necklace

by JW Weldon


Incredibly rare 1920s Egyptian revival necklace. The central solar barque with an embedded scarab, decorated with diamonds and rubies, on a necklace with lapis, chalcedony and glass beads. 17 inches long. Pendant section one and three quarter inches wide, one inch high. Beautifully engraved on the front and back of the barque.

According to Egyptian myth, when Ra became too old and weary to reign on earth he relinquished and went to the skies. Ra was said to travel through the sky on the barge, providing light to the world. Each twelfth of his journey formed one of the twelve Egyptian hours of the day, each overseen by a protective deity. When the sun set and twilight came he and his vessel passes through the akhet, the horizon, in the west, and travel to the underworld

JW Weldon

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